Privacy Policy

When purchasing products or services from MKW industries, 2GetSales or any of our sister websites, you will be asked for at a minimum your Name, Email and a Password. These are protected within our secured database and are ONLY used for our own promotions and notifications of new products and programs that we offer.

We do not share, sell or trade your information with anyone. Your comments that are included on this and any of our other blogs or websites are the property of MKW Industries and by submitting them to our sites, we reserve the right to modify, delete or edit them at any time. By submitting your comments, you are accepting these stipulations and relinquish all rights to any ownership of the comment or product.

We do NOT ask for testimonials from our members or visitors and any comments that are determined to be of a testimonial nature may be deleted without notice.

You further accept to hold MKW Industries, 2GetSales and all other websites owned and\or operated by MKW Industries harmless from any corruption or damages to your server or systems due to installation of any of the software purchased through our sites. Your total recourse for any damage is a refund in the amount of $0.50 (Fifty Cents USD) in total for all damages and injury.

Any purchase of our products in an agreement to be held to these stipulations regardless of what the problems or errors may result from use of any software.