How It Works

With the advent of Covid-19, even more local shops and stores have reached into the internet to expand and enable their clients and customers to keep supporting their stores. The main issue is, actually buiilding something that is easy to use for both clients and the shop owner and ensuring the payments are handled efficiently and securely.

With 2GetSales Systems, creating the store and adding products for sale could not be any eaiser. You can upload your entire product line quickly with a simple .CSV file (most bookkeepping products have this ability built-in). Setting up your payment processing can be done using any (or all) of the top three online processors - Paypal, Stripe and

The entire process even sends the store owner verification emails to the client once the purchase is complete and then sends an email to the store owner with the product, product specifics (size, color, no. ordered, etc.), and shipping address so all the store owner needs to do is print a shipping label, package your sale and ship the order.

2GetSales Systems does NOT charge for any sales made through your stores, we simply charge a monthly hosting and management fee (which is small enough for even the tiniest budgets). All sales made through your store go directly to you.
Payment Processor fees are not included in out management fees since those are handled directly by your payment processor of choice inside your account.