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We provide a wide variety of custom online and ecommerce services to clients worldwide. If you are looking for a temporary technical writer, social manager, advertising manager or Search Engine Optimization Specialist, we have the staff that can perform beyond your expectations at prices you can truly afford.

Market Research

Our Research Department has over seventy years of experience combined, and the best tools available to get the results you are looking for.

Growth Strategy

Looking to grow? Let our managers brainstorm with your team and come up with innovative and cost effective ways to achieve the results you need.

Software Design

Our Software Engineers are truly Best In Class, from User Interface and Usability to functionality and form. You won't regret letting our engineers help you with your next project.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing (and Affiliate Marketing) is where we actually got our start online. Over 19 years ago! Since then, we have added high quality staff and ongoing training to keep up with the constant changes in everything digital and dealing with ecomm and advertising.

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We want our clients to keep using us which is why our rates are affordable, reasonable and our results speak for themselves.

This is the main reason most of our clients have been working with us for over five years, and they are actually bringing us new clients through word of mouth.

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Our Blog contains cutting edge discussions about online Business, Social Marketing, Lead Generation and Software development. Feel free to stop by and check out your favorite topic. 

Is Online Lead Generation Still Working?

There are plenty of companies out there that will tell you it is all about numbers. The more leads you get, the better your odds of making a sale.

Our lead strategies are more focused on the quality and pre-qualification of the leads. Yes, we may not deliver the high number of leads, we deliver a higher return which equates to more sales per lead, at relatively the same ad spend.

Mark Hulgren
July 15
Let's revolutionise global payments.

Not just Global payments, but the way payments are made, processed and delivered. There is no reason for a bank to sit on your money for three days to transfer funds from one account to another, regardless if the accounts are in the same bank or across the ocean.  

It's time for the banks to get honest about what they are doing with your funds during the time they are "holding" them for verification.

Today's online banks are able to make 'instant' transfers, deposits and payments. Using the exact same network processes the brick and mortar banks do.

Mark Hultgren
July 15