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Two Names for the same great service

2GetSales now has a Sister Site – 2GSM.Biz

2GSM.Biz is focused on providing top quality training and hosting for anyone that wants or needs a WordPress Blog

Blogs are NOT just to post about what you did today.

More and more businesses have switched their static websites over to a blogging platform for A Variety of Reasons.

Making changes to a Blog page is as easy as Using a Word Processor.

Want to Change Your Front Page?

As long as it takes you to type up what you want to say, add a couple pictures or photos as easily as point and click, and then click the Publish button, the front page of your new blog has just been updated! And what you posted last week is still available if you decide you want to leave it posted too.

Many blogs can even be automatically converted to the hottest format going right now for online (and Offline) businesses.

Mobile Phones and Tablets!!

Our society has gone mobile and it only makes sense to take your ads and content mobile too.

How many times do you think buyers are out shopping and will stop while they are in the store itself and run a price check on an item from their mobile phone to see if there is a better deal somewhere close by? The actual numbers may be a huge surprise – almost 60%!!

Blogs are popular for other reasons too.

Search Engines LOVE THEM!

Search engines are constantly searching blogs and websites looking for new content being posted so they can provide the links to relative NEW content! Standard websites simply cannot keep up with a blog! Did you know that if you run a search for something online, the first page of the results will normally contain a minimum of 8 out of ten links taking you directly to a Blog instead of a Static HTML website ?

Take your business into the 21st century today.

2GainSalesMatters.com currently has two options for blogging – Blogs with Content added for you OR A Customized and Managed Blog

Blog w/ Content Added
Custom Blog w/o Content

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